Grand ma like no other

Have gotten pride at been given birth to by a priceless woman, but having a grandma gives me extra joy.

He who has a good granny is likened to have an imperishable investment: my Granny like no other.

Don’t know wish granny was cute like mine; she never look over good looking act of women, despite the old age, she also transfers the beauty to her grandsons and daughters; she would always advises never to look dirty, not even when we are alone.

Don’t you wish my Granny was religious as mine; granny will never take an eye over solat and fasting periods, she does not do that alone, but also carries me along.

Don’t you wish my Granny was Hospitable like mine; Fun to visit, joyful to be with. She treats everyone equal and preaches humility at all times. Granny would never allow any sort of injustice, she would always say” Akanni, don’t ever cheat on anyone ” After visitations, she provides me with the coolest form of Adios.

Don’t you wish your Granny was cultured like mine; she’s got the hottest attires of Aso oke and aso ebi, she always embrace the potentiality of the African culture. Grandma would never accept the half bend style of greeting, she prefer the full prostrate version. “Akanni, common prostrate fully “, that is the common saying and to the Laddies, she accepts the knelling format.

Don’t you wish my Granny can Cook like mine; Having a good knowledge of my voracious act, she never denies the quantity and quality of food I consume. Granny provides me with the best delicacy of Efo elegusi and unavoidable Amala laafun. She’s got the best version of iresi and ata dindin oniru, garnished with socculent ponmo to muta. Granny would never prepare any soup without using the locust beans, she would always say ” iru ni obe, obe ni iru”.

I doubt if any Granny is as good as mine when it comes to informal education; she preaches moral attitude which has at a notable extent, restructured my fidelity with people around me. Granny teaches with interesting folklores and educative folktales.

Granny like no other, don’t you wish my Granny was good like mine, the love between us is unmeasurable, and that is why I love her more.


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