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There are 4 personality traits or behaviors that are found in people. These traits can also be called the 4 types of people.

The ones who are overachievers, everything they do, is to achieve their goal. And they are dedicated to doing so.

There are the patient ones who live in the moment and for the moment. They don’t like to stress themselves.

Then, the perfectionists. Everything they do or you do for them must be standard and perfect. They don’t compromise.

The 4th and final type is the ones who take things seriously and they worry a lot. These ones panic easily.

All these 4 people have been typed over the years by experts as Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type D respectively.

And these traits are an embodiment of the individual under it and their different outlooks to life.

For your further understanding, below is a break down of the four types.

Type A

A type A is impatient, ambitious and achievement oriented.

They are workaholics who push themselves to the limit, stick to the time, must meet deadlines and hate delay.

They can be aggressive especially when they get competitive. Type A people are status conscious and thrive to outdo everyone in their field.

Type B

A direct opposite of Type A.

A type B is patient, tolerant, easy going and relaxed. “Calm” is what you can use to describe a type B person.

Unlike the type A, type Bs are not competitive, achievement conscious or impatient. They are not concerned about losing or winning and simply take life as it is.

Type C

Type C people are perfectionists. They want their things a certain way and you must not spoil their routine.

They take everything seriously, dress well and work devotedly. They are consistent and dependable.

People like this are thoughtful, deep thinkers who rarely show emotions and are curious about how and why things are done a certain way.

Type D

To Type Ds are worry-warts. They are irritable, gloomy, have social inhibition and lack self-assurance.

Whenever there is an unfavorable situation, they experience increased negative emotions. A type D is not a sharer and don’t expose their emotions or feelings to others.

They have a fear of rejection, judgment, and disapproval from others, that is why they keep things to themselves.

Did you find out your personality? Tell us what type you are.

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