Definition of love

Love is not symbiotic, it is the commitment to add value to someone for the rest of your life without expecting a ‘Thank you’.

Love is about doing the most difficult things in the most convenient way and at times in an inconvenient manner and situations.

This many believe is not normal, but love really is sacrificial in its real sense. While in love with someone, do not expect all situations to be on a bed of roses, even if you are rich.

Let me recall to the activities of Jesus Christ in relations to God, according to the Holy book, ” For God so love the world, that he gave his only begotten son, ( John 3:16).According to the quoted part of the Bible verse, it depicts that God gave the only begotten son because of the love He has for the world, which means there was a sacrifice from God just because of love.

In relation to this, Even from the Creator, love was never a bed of roses, it was a sacrifice, which means to love is Sacrificial in nature.

Another instance is that of the valentino, who was also known for sacrifice, all in the name of love and many unknown instances.

My advice for those who really want to be loved, who want a lovely relationship, who want to see the picture of true love, know that making sacrifices is one major key you need to acknowledge.

Moreover, sacrifices come in different ways; sacrifice in terms of time, money, materials, pride as a man/woman.

Sacrifice in term of time, may be the need to be with your partner at a slim chance situation, many in this situation have to rearrange their schedule in a way that will favour the partner. This is common in this part of the world, many partners who are in love use this as a way of sacrificing their time just for the love between the partners. Sacrificing time is not a bad idea as it boosts the quality of love, time is a precious element which the world operates on(Alex 2018), so giving out the precious element is a good way to making sacrifice.

Another way sacrifice can come in a relationship is that of money. If truely love exist in a relationship, there should be no dichotomy between the amount of money each partner have as far as it is for making life pleasurable for both partners. This aspects of sacrifice rare in many relationship due to one reason or the other, but as a matter of reasoning, sacrificing money is not also a bad and idea in as much as it is for the wellness of both, no secret cash, unless if for surprise purposes.

Another sacrificial means in relationship is that of mayerials, there is no big deal in letting out some of your materials for your true loving partner even when it is not so convienent but in a reasonable manner.

Lastly, you may also make sacrifices in terms of giving out your manhood/womanhood as situation dictates. This is one of the most difficult sacrifice to make which has succeeded in destroying, distorting and disrupting many relationship as of today, due to countless reasons, especially trust issues. This is a non_dependable case in relationship but if truly the partners are really sure of what they are up to, then, giving it out willing may be necessary only to those who are confident about each other.

All these are only applicable to those who are truly in love with one another in a dating relationship. But the main idea in this piece is to show the extent of loving and what is involved.

Many lovely relationship fade away because of the inadequacy of knowledge of making sacrifices for one another but, sacrifices is truly the faces of been in love.

I implore you to think deeply before falling in love with someone, bearing in mind the sacrifices that may be involved by asking yourself these three legged questions:
* Am I ready for him/her?
* Will I be make sacrifices during challenges?
* Can I trust him/her?
If you can reasonably answer these

questions, then I bet you will have a dependable relationship. Educate someone today and liberate yourself.

Relationship counsellor.

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